CCS UK Ltd facilitates customized prepaid card programs
for global corporations who require more cost effective methods of delivering payments

Credit Card Solutions UK Ltd (CCS), based in London, UK - is a leading international pre-payment consultancy that develops and facilitates prepaid co-branded and generic debit card programs for corporations requiring a more effective means for funds disbursement and business process improvement. An evolving portfolio of issuing bank and payment processing relationships has enabled us to develop a diverse portfolio matrix where we can accommodate and support project requests across Latin America and Caribbean, North America, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific

Our areas of specialisation are mainly across the following applications.
  Micro Loan
  Fleet Management
  Incentive and Rebates

With over 75 turnkey projects due to be launched this year across varying regions we are making a significant contribution to the emergence of prepaid and the value provided to corporations operating in emerging markets.

CCS designs and facilitates off the shelf and bespoke multi currency prepaid card programs and e-wallets, along with payment processing, web based online reporting and brand-building tools. Clients control payments to their customers, members, affiliates or employees in real time, globally. If you are interested in the development of a card program then contact us at where we will be able to scope out your program requirements and provide a bespoke commercial proposal that is tailored to your strategic requirements.

Alternatively contact us at for further details and access to case studies of projects already live.

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Credit Card Solutions UK Ltd (CCS) provides world class international prepaid debit card and international prepaid credit card solutions for international prepaid
visa and international prepaid mastercard requirements. We also provide Virtual Visa solutions and Virtual MasterCard solutions. All our solutions are prepaid debit card
and prepaid credit card projects. If you are interested in a prepaid visa or prepaid mastercard solution then please contact us for further information.

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